• All About Yandere Simulator

    This goes past your normal love story. Here's a game in which you explore you can be driven by infatuation . It is an enjoyable anime title where you address many different scenarios in ways that are various.


    About Yandere Simulator

    Discover ways to acquire the attention of senpai. Then no-one can, if you can't have him. Stop free of charge. Close to senpai.

    The sport is still only available in demo mode. Development is continuing. There's no clear end-game. You may be sure , if your lo curiosity's affection can't be won by you, you will go to destroy any chances of happiness for him.


    This title runs. It's frames that are smooth and also the images are easy on the eyes. The lack of a branching storyline may be frustrating to your gamers. Otherwise, the game packs a punch when it comes to the variety of approaches you can take for each situation. The open-world arrangement makes for some immersion.


    This involved and thrilling game allows you to plan and plot methods to take your rivals out. Track teachers and be aware of girl's schedules. Get the upper hand in knowing where they will be so you can catch them and kill them.


    Get creative and find ways to dispose of the dead bodies. Become devious and learn the way to mislead law enforcement. In this destructive and dark game, the lead character will pull out all the stops to undermine the enjoy life of her senpai. She'll ensure that gets deleted.


    Features of Yandere Simulator


    You need to keep several things in your mind about the game prior to installing downloading and attempting it. The qualities of the game are listed below.

    1. yandere Simulator is not yet complete
    2. 50% of the work has been completed so far
    3. The game is currently available for Windows PCs only
    4. Versions of this sport are available for the users
    5. There are two options to install and download Yandere Simulator, launcher and ZIP
    6. Only dummy or images have been used from the game
    7. Updates are released every two weeks as of now
    8. There is not the climax or any finish line yet

    Very low quality or dummy graphics are being used at the debug versions of the game, as you can see previously. In manufacturing, you will experience much better-quality images. Animations will be improved in the last version. Once the game will be out there as a game that is finished, in short, you will realize a great deal of improvements.


    System Requirements
    1. DirectX 9.0c
    2. Direct3D should be enabled